Are Your Systems Aligned with your Business Processes?

FinServ addresses the operational and technology needs of all fund managers, as well as global asset management firms and banks. We provide business consulting, systems development and integration to help firms implement technology and business processes more effectively ensuring profitability, mitigating risk and improving transparency.

Alternative Asset Managers

Each asset-based investment management firm is unique, with its own set of operational and compliance challenges. FinServ Consulting operates on the principle that each alternative asset management firm has a DNA all its own. No two firms have precisely the same blend of asset classes, investment strategies, jurisdictional interests, and compensation policies.

While the operational differences between a private equity fund and a hedge fund are self-evident, the distinct challenges for different types of hedge funds are not as widely understood. For example, distressed debt funds have many unique needs that are significantly different than a statistical arbitrage or long-short equity fund. Through our deep experience with the world’s largest and most complex alternative asset managers, FinServ has identified the common and unique aspects of each facet of the alternative asset management space, allowing us to tailor the most effective, cost-efficient systems to address their needs.

FinServ has in-depth experience working with hedge funds, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and private equity firms. Within the hedge fund space, FinServ has worked with fund of funds as well as single manager funds covering a broad cross section of strategies, including liquid market as well as many hybrid hedge funds. Within the hybrid hedge fund space, FinServ has specific deep expertise in special opportunity / distressed debt funds, and has worked with the world’s leading firms in the industry.


Global Banks

FinServ offers global banks our world-class experience implementing financial management systems and processes. We provide enterprise resource planning (ERP) and system integration expertise, as well as experience implementing related systems such as payroll, Human Resources and Treasury applications.

The FinServ team has a wealth of financial compliance experience in Sarbanes Oxley, BASEL, ISDA, FASB and other regulatory requirements. In addition, FinServ has comprehensive business process reengineering methodologies that can help show immediate efficiencies in complex business processes. FinServ has a proven track record in Business Process Innovation and Focused Improvements.

FinServ also has extensive experience in setting up Project Management Offices (PMOs) for global bank clients to enable them to more effectively manage their large and complex portfolio of projects.