Recruiting Systems – How Candidates Select Your Company is Key to Selecting a System
Recruiting Systems – How Candidates Select Your Company is Key to Selecting a System
December 2018

Attracting and hiring the right people for your company is an important process in periods of growth, consolidation and contraction. Graduates and experienced candidates rely on using technology to apply to jobs whether it be through social media or a recruiting application.  Companies have to embrace this trend and the technology being used in order to reach the full pool of candidates. In addition, because of the ease for candidates to apply to jobs the volume of applications can be too high for a recruiting team and a system with artificial intelligence is needed to comb through resumes and pre-qualification questions in order to auto-reject some candidates and pass others onto the next stage of the process.

Are all recruiting systems the same?

Since the recruiting needs among companies vary so does the functionality among the systems offered. Some companies have a simplified process whereby a single posting is made for a specific job to be filled as soon as possible. Others choose to build relationships with candidates as early as high school and track them over the years to monitor their progress before offering them a job. One goal that all companies have in common is to show candidates that their company embrace modern technology to simplify the candidate experience.

Define your future hiring needs before you choose a system

If you haven’t reviewed your existing recruiting process in the past year then it’s time to, as your existing  process may not be the best. Internal recruiters and hiring managers may have the best experience in reviewing resumes and screening candidates, but if they aren’t making contact with the best candidates then the company is missing an opportunity.

The following article written by a recruiting system vendor explains how the hiring market has become “candidate driven” and how companies need to adapt to this environment in order to stay competitive. This is not a recommendation this system is best for you, it is meant to provoke thought about how your existing process and insight into changes you may need to make. As noted earlier, there are many systems available offering different functionality. It is best practice to blueprint your future needs and then carefully select a vendor that meets your business, technology and security needs. 

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