New functionality in Workday Can Help Your Organization Minimize Support Emails, Streamline Requests, and Prepare for Audits
New functionality in Workday Can Help Your Organization Minimize Support Emails, Streamline Requests, and Prepare for Audits
March 2018

FinServ is happy to report that since our last post on Workday Rising, we have successfully implemented the Request Framework for our clients. Our clients are already seeing the benefits, as the Request business process has quickly become a key component of the maintenance and security of their tenants. As we reported in our piece on Workday Rising, the Request Framework is a business process which allows you to formalize your change request process. Specifically, it will allow you to request approvals for security or configuration changes in the tenant, including changes to business processes.

Prior to the Request Framework our clients would rely on emails for change requests and approvals. As you can imagine, emails are not the best approach as they create a myriad of problems:

  • Using emails to track requests and approvals is an inherently unstructured process
  • Emails are easily lost and difficult to track
  • Emails cannot be easily reported on so creating a comprehensive list of changes for audit review is time consuming

With the Request Framework, the process for requesting and approving change requests is significantly enhanced:

  • Tracking requests and approvals is formalized within Workday with a defined approval flow
  • Requests can be configured to require information for each change request type
  • All changes can easily be monitored and reported on from Workday

From an operational standpoint, we can see the Request Framework providing a lot of value in tracking:

  • Requests for new Workday Accounts or changes to existing Workday Accounts
  • Requests for changes to Business Processes
  • Requests for New Suppliers or other Master Records (projects, cost centers, etc.)

We have successfully implemented the Request Framework for our clients and are using it to request changes to business processes, worker access, and security groups as well as for new suppliers. 

To do this, we have configured the Business Process: Request to include an Initiation step, an Approval step, and Close Request steps that route to the appropriate administrator. To allow for a limited group of approvers, we have created a security group and role specific to this process.

Here are two scenarios in which the Request Framework would streamline your processes and provide for better auditing:

1. You need to add a new step to your Onboarding process. Your IT department would like a notification and a To-Do step to setup a new hire’s IT equipment prior to a new hire’s first day.

After building and testing the new step, the Business Process Administrator puts in a request for the change, completing a questionnaire that includes an Excel spreadsheet of the proposed business process. The completed questionnaire routes to the Request Approver for approval. After approved, the request routes back to the Business Process Administrator to make the update and close out the request. Full details of the request, including the questionnaire and request dates, all are easily found in a Completed Request Report.

2. Your Accounts Payable Team wants to Add a New Supplier.

A new Market Data vendor is being used and your team needs to set up a new supplier in Workday to make the invoice payments. A supplier request is put into the system with required information such as Name, Address, Bank Account Details, and Method of Payment. The request is then routed to the appropriate business user for sign off. After the request is approved, a member of the Accounts Payable team sets up the new supplier and closes out the request.

The Request Framework is a quick win, it is straightforward to implement and a major security and audit enhancement. Approval details such as what changed, who signed off, and when the approval was made are stored and tracked in Workday allowing for easy reporting. We have seen it save clients’ time and effort through a simple workflow that gets the right information to the appropriate approvers.

To learn more about implementing the Request Framework, please contact us at: or (646) 603-3799. We have seen the value at our clients and are happy to share with other Workday customers!

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