5 Ways Funds are Using Salesforce.com to Improve Their Operational Infrastructure
5 Ways Funds are Using Salesforce.com to Improve Their Operational Infrastructure
September 2016

1. Investor Relations and Reporting

Salesforce is built to manage relationships. The platform offers best in breed tools to maintain your fundraising pipeline and track communications with your investor base. Funds can even use Salesforce to manage investor subscriptions and redemptions, send out important fund information and track capital calls and distributions. Salesforce provides great Investor Rleations functionality without breaking the bank.

2. Investment Research Vendor Management

Funds are turning to Salesforce to manage and organize their investment research. The platform allows investment research to be centrally stored and offers features to track the relationship with vendors. Salesforce can be configured to produce key utilization metrics that allow funds to see how Portfolio Managers are suing research and some funds are even being used these statistics to negotiate better terms with their research vendors.

3. Portfolio Management

Salesforce’s real-time reporting and dashboards capability provide a great entry level system for funds that are looking to track security holdings and trades without investing in a full-blown Portfolio Management System. Salesforce offers great functionality, at a fraction of the cost and upkeep of a more traditional system.

 Salesforce’s powerful analytics tools can give you a clearer view of how your portfolios are doing and why.

4. Document Management

Funds are using Salesforce to manage and track their documents. Salesforce’s document management capabilities ensure that you are always working with the most current version of your documents. Salesforce allows users to organize, search, create and contribute to documents all within the Salesforce application. Funds can maintain complete control over sharing settings, including which users have viewing and editing rights. Furthermore, the platform’s revision tracking lets you monitor how files have changed over time. 


5. Project Management

Salesforce is a great platform to manage projects. Tasks and milestones can be scheduled and tracked by assigning responsibilities, and setting flags and reminders to ensure follow through. Salesforce can also provide tracking against time and expense budgets. Project Managers can communicate with stakeholders directly in the applicaiton. The entire process is auditable, and can provide an objective assessment of team and individual performance.

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