Why Our Clients Perform Operational Assessments

An Operational Assessment is the #1 action a fund can take to increase efficiency, enhance controls and create a scalable infrastructure for future growth.  The assessment provides a clear roadmap for changes in a fund’s People, Process and Technology that enables peak performance. As funds feel the pressure to enhance returns, the efficiency of fund operations can be a key competitive advantage. FinServ's approach focuses on the pain points of key stakeholders and operational staff. Key projects are identified and prioritized based on Return on Investment (ROI) and ease of implementation to ensure maximum benefit in the shortest time possible.

Click Here to Download and Overview of our Operational Assessment methodology

Assessing the Fund's Infrastructure

A fund’s infrastructure needs to be extensible and must directly support the goals vision of the fund to allow for:

  1. Evolving Business Processes to support:
    1. New Regulatory Requirements
    2. New Products & Asset Classes
    3. A growing and diverse investment staff

Assessing the Current Level of Automation

The top hedge funds spend so much time on the investment process, but manual processes can create huge operational issues leading to large fund losses.  FinServ has found working with our clients over the past twelve years that most funds rely on manual processes and Excel to support close to 75% of their business processes. This often leads to key errors and inefficiencies in critical parts of a fund’s operations.

The most common operational issues include:

  • A lack of automated controls to flag key trading or accounting issues related to:
    • Audited financials
    • Regulatory reports
    • Position reconciliations
    • Pricing
  • A lack of automated workflows for business processes and approvals to support:
    • Investor inquiries
    • Key deal approvals
    • Key documents

Our team can help you determine if you are a good fit for an Operational Assessment. Contact us at info@finservconsulting.com for more information or use this link to fill out your information and we will follow up with you immediately.

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